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Integrated Submetering

Building Intelligence

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QMC is a leading provider of end-to-end submetering solutions and meter data management for large institutions and commercial, multi-residential properties.

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Integrated Metering

QMC’s Integrated Metering connects all of your metering equipment for electricity, water, gas, and thermal energy, together into one simple, easy to use platform. It allows you to network both existing equipment and new installations and is universally compatible with all different utility types.

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How do you take the readings from a building with many meters and turn them into usable data that you can review at a glance? MeterConnex takes data from daily meter interrogation and turns it into a simple, easy to understand report. It’s compatible with any type of meter, without the need for installing meter-specific software. Learn more about the benefits of MeterConnex.

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Sustainability through Accountability

With innovative metering equipment and energy management software, QMC believes everyone can achieve Sustainability through Accountability by the practice of direct utility billing and tenant engagement to achieve certain energy reductions. All stakeholders in the property can be held accountable with the right submetering technologies in place.

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